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CEMC Mentoring

Conscious Effort to Make Change – 3 Month Group Mentoring Program

Call Timothy at 704-856-9649 for more information.

Know a young man between the ages of 12-25 that needs mentoring? Enroll him into CEMC Mentoring and his life will never be the same. These group mentoring sessions will educate on various topics designed especially for young men as they prepare for the responsibilities of adulthood.


Our goal is to scholarship 100 young men 3 times a year to this program which features other guest mentors and speakers, field trips, sports recreation, community service and study materials. $75,000 would sponsor one 3 month program for 100 young men.

A Graduate of Global leadership Training Center in Winston Salem, NC ( and a missionary who assists with many projects and initiatives in overseas missions to countries such as South Sudan, Turkey and The Congo, Timothy also understands that there is a mission field right here in the US. Please help with a financial contribution to help us change the lives of many young men for the better and for many years to come.

Conscious Effort to make Change Mentoring for young men ages 12-25 focuses on things like: Starting a Business, Relationships, Focusing on School / Grades, Community Activism, Job Interview Preparation, Eating Etiquette, Credit, Dangers of Gang Affiliation, Avoiding Prison & Handling yourself during traffic stop / Police Interaction, Peer pressure & Teen Fatherhood.

These young men will have a balance of educational classes, using hands-on materials, informative field trips and recreation. This 3 month program is designed to not only inspire and equip. This program is designed and is being put in place to change lives. You may not be able to do all the community service you’d like to do. By giving to this program, you allow CEMC Mentoring to your hands and feet extended. You partake in everything we do. $75,000 is the goal in order to scholarship 100 young men into the 3 month after school / weekend program which includes community service, materials, guest speakers, recreation and informative field trips.

39 year old Timothy Motivation Jones mentors in such a way that the young man not only begins to think long term more, the young man begins to maximize the now. The aim is that their focus on school improves, their respect in the home increases and overall, the young man just gets his act together.

Having a background in the streets himself, Timothy knows which approaches to take with those who seem hardened, yet Timothy has a chameleon personality which enables him to also reach the kid who grew up in the suburbs. Relevant and transparent, Timothy shares the personal struggles he overcame and his ability to go from an at risk youth to running his own business and making a decent living the legit way. Using the skill of rap and music, Mr. Jones has promoted and organized concerts, city wide tours and other forms of fun outreach for youth beginning at age 21.

Timothy recently finished missionary training at Global Leadership Training Center in Winston Salem, NC where he now resides. A community activist since 1998, nothing gets in his way when it comes to reaching out to future generations.

This is an investment into a young man’s life. A small investment into his future. When we want something bad enough, we make a way for it to happen. The young man/men are well worth the investment.



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Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Starting a Business
  • Relationships
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Focusing on School / Grades
  • Bullying
  • Community Activism
  • Volunteer Work
  • Absentee Father
  • Recreation
  • Job Interview Preparation
  • Eating Etiquette
  • Respecting Elders
  • Credit
  • Decision Making
  • Peer pressure
  • Teen Fatherhood
  • Dangers of Gang Affiliation
  • Avoiding Prison
  • Handling yourself during traffic stop / Police Interaction

In mentoring we’re talking, business, relationships, sexually transmitted diseases.. real life. Want to see them involved in community service like helping to feed the local poor and other work related endeavors? This could be a son, nephew, cousin or even a neighbor. 1 on 1 big brother sessions with them on Skype in between the weekly meeting sessions held live.

Dr. Myles Munroe commissioned more leaders to duplicate themselves and the best leaders are those who can still follow. I choose to follow the words of the late teacher who passed in 2014, yet lives on through his many endeavors while alive. “If your vision dies with you, you failed.” is one of Dr. Munroe’s great quotes. Well, Dr. Myles’ vision of duplication surely will not fail. Myself and other other will take a vested interest in young men ages 12-25 for 3 months.. which will end in a ceremony of achievement. Sure, there will be times where we’ll hang out for basketball, bowling etc., but this is more focused serious matters versus recreation.

Whether he’s an honor roll student, or someone who can’t seem to stay focused on his grades. Whether he gives you little to no problems, or if he’s been giving you problem in and out of school.. no worries. I can handle him. And he will change for the better.

No one is here to take over your parenting. We are simply imparting things into the lives of young men that will help them on the road of life. I really wish someone would have drilled it home how important credit would be for me in the future.. and how friends kept could and did affect my life for years to come. No need to wait until health is failing to get knowledgeable on the topic. Why not have a class on etiquette so know knows how to eat properly & conduct themselves in an interview?

Many young men do not have fathers in the home. Some do. Some may need a big brother type figure and some may just need someone they can open up to and relate to. My mother did a great job, but the reality is.. she’s not a man. It was the men in my life who helped shaped my outlook on life, who kept me and my sexuality in tact and who coached and mentored me to achieve things I have achieved.

We know that black lives matter. When the questions is asked.. What is being done to show that they matter, we’ll point to this group of young men. Why wait until another young man becomes a statistic before voicing a need for a change? We can make the changes now.

Our target is young men ages 12-25.. The age bracket where many young men die to gun violence.

Over 40 percent of all victims of firearm-related homicides are 25 or younger.

Even if you don’t have a son, nephew nearby or know anyone else, you can contribute to this endeavor by sponsoring a young man to attend. Every sponsor will be invited to the graduation ceremony to meet the young man you sponsored. We would like publicly thank you for your contribution if you would allow us to.



Timothy Jones is a motivated, detail oriented and insightful business man. He is a self-starter with known ability to multi-task several different projects with excellence. He is a trailblazer in his trade and has the ability to be an exceptional leader of the youth that he mentors. Timothy has a relentless work ethic and dedicates himself to getting the job done. – Tanasha Jones, Health Unit Coordinator

Timothy is an activist and is great resource for any community working with youth and uplifting with supportive activities throughout the year. – Isaac Lowe, President at On-Point Marketing and Advertising, Inc.


Timothy is a great person to do business with. He is always honest, prompt, and reliable. – Shad Bailey, Owner B and B Marketing

Mr. Jones, every since I have known him, has always been a person to take initiative, a leader in the community, and has good business sense. His excellent interpersonal skills never cease to amaze me. Timothy has the skill-set, accomplishments, and the drive help any person or organization. – Summer Espino, Author, Illustrator


Timothy is a dedicated detail oriented individual who puts a lot of work into whatever he does. I’ve known him to be in the marketing, entertainment and advertising field for over 15 years. – Lou Acosta, President at North Coast Minority Media LLC and Diversity Outreach


I worked with Timothy on numerous projects in the past. Timothy is creative and business minded. He pushes the envelope. He has a can do it; in spite of obstacles, attitude. Timothy can make the uncommon common because he is a trend setter. He is persuasive. Timothy is good at gathering people to support a good cause. Those before mentioned qualities make him an effective CEO/Marketing and Advertising Executive. – James Robinson, Pro Web Designer & Business Growth Builder with Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship


Know a young man between 12-25 that needs mentoring? Enroll him into CESC Mentoring and his life will never be the same.









Timothy “Motivation” Jones