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  • Up close, down to earth and transparent. 39 year old Timothy Jones is the founder and Leader of Charlotte Execs.. An organization comprised of powerful professionals in the Charlotte, NC area. Business Owners, Physicians, Employees of ESPN and local media, Attorneys, Teachers, Law Enforcement, Federal Employees, News Media professionals, Entrepreneurs and more are members of Charlotte Execs.. An organization comprised of multiple sub groups.

  • A no-holds-barred, tough love approach, Timothy challenges issues at their core, forcing you to either face the facts or remain the same ignoring the truth clearly presented. His messages resonate with the young and older alike. Follow Timothy at Facebook.com/JonesMotivation or Twitter.com/JonesMotivation.

  • Live Events: Sporting events, Social gatherings, & Relationship round tables where attendees bounce ideas off each other. Also, upscale matchmaking where clients are able to meet and use the advice given. Private match making also available.


Are you having sibling rivalry or Parent/child conflict? Children torn when it comes to custody?


Having a hard time making new friends? Do you tend to be controlling of the ones you have?


Thinking of tying the knot or wondering why you haven’t been able to get someone to commit?


Seems you can’t run into Mr. Right or that you keep finding Ms. Wrong? Dating just not working out?


Afraid to ask for a raise or approach customers with confidence? Getting interviews, but not landing the job?


Long and tiresome divorce left you bitter? Does the experience just make you not want to date again?

About Timothy Jones Biography

He has a true love for the betterment of others. Since 1998, Timothy has been actively reaching out to others with advice on how to not make the mistakes he’s made.  Be it youth outreaches, his music, leading and marching against crime, or spending time with those who have reached out to him for mentorship, Timothy has always carved out time for others.


Having a strong desire to succeed and an even stronger will to make up his mind, Timothy has never stopped fighting. He delivers a passionate message of hope that with persistence, humbling oneself and listening to others who have “been there and done that” you can accomplish the goals set before you.

Timothy understands that life is short and thus his approach is non-sugar coating. His shock value and direct approach tends to capture the listener and/or reader from the moment the conversation starts.


  • Real life experiences.
  • Transparent stories and teaching.
  • Authentic delivery.
  • Hit home truth.


Timothy leaves the listener pondering real life situations via a no nonsense route that is often coupled with humor that has been said to lesson the blows. “Its up to people to change. says Jones. ‘Its up to them to decide if they want better, if they want more or if they want to remain in the same situation they are in.”

Timothy is a community activist, a music producer who has released 8 full length albums, a photographer, a poet, a musician, a speaker, an advisor, a motivator, a networker, a businessman, he’s an event planner, a group organizer, a coach, a match maker, a podcast creator, he’s an audio engineer and a website developer …to name a few. Timothy reminds people, “You “can” be a jack of all trades and master them ALL! The problem is that people place limits on themselves because they are afraid of what people will think or afraid that they do not have the capability to do more.”

Services What Timothy Does


There are some of us who quite simply, want “our” questions answered. Yes, often times, writeups hit home and some advice seems universal, yet there are also times where we need answered directly squarely at our situation.

  • One on one uninterrupted conversation.
  • Complete confidentiality.
  • Scheduled calls.

Match Making

Let’s face it.. sometimes its hard to see the bigger picture when you are in the frame. I use my resources and many relationships to couple people together that will hopefully be a one time experience.

  • Thorough interview or what you like and don’t like.
  • A concise evaluation to see if you are truly ready for a relationship.
  • If it is determined that you are not ready for a relationship, 100% refund and no date.



There are times in each of our lives where we can just feel stuck in a rut. It doesn’t matter how many years of experience we have in a certain field, sometimes we still need that 2nd brain to give us insight that we may have overlooked.

  • Relationship, Business, Motivation out of a rut.
  • Ideal for those fighting depression, laziness, complacency & procrastination.
  • Ongoing support available.


Be it a 5 minute fill in, an hour long keynote or an entire day spent individually motivating an entire office staff for more productivity, Timothy Jones is the man to call upon. His messages are captivating, down to earth plain English and easy to understand.

  • Professional settings (Offices, Conferences, Individuals)
  • Outreach (Youth, Homeless, Jails & Prisons)
  • Prevention (Violence, Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

CEMC Mentoring Conscious Effort to Make Change


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  • Address: Charlotte, NC
  • Phone: 704-856-9649
  • Email: Timothy@JonesMotivation.com

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